Has your boss ever given you a project with an unrealistic deadline? It’s frustrating, but you shouldn’t hide your frustration and you should professionally approach your boss about it. Bosses are humans too and sometimes they haven’t had time to evaluate y住商our workload. So be proactive and when you do approach them please have some documented evidence of your current workload and reasons why you won’t be able to hit your deadline.Allen Mak
  你的老闆是否曾給過你一個項目,而這個項目的最終完成日期顯得那樣得不切實際?景觀設計這的確令人苦惱,但是你不應該隱藏你的苦惱而應該以專業的方式讓你的老闆知曉。老闆也是人,並且有時侯他們沒時間去好好評估你的工作量。因此你要更加主動些,並且在與他們溝通的時候準備好一些資料用來證明你目前工作量,以及為什麼你不能達到在最後期限前完成該項目的原因。  (原標題:Unrealistic Deadlines ——Approaching your boss)
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